These children and their families have been carefully assessed, along with their needs. Supported children and their families are monitored on an ongoing basis, so you can be assured your support is making a real difference to these kids’ lives.

How is the level of support decided?

It is essential families receive support to ensure the children grow into healthy, well-educated young adults so the cycle of poverty can be broken. JOS, again supported by professionals, has examined every individual circumstance and is committed to a support package accordingly; including such fundamentals as educational and associated costs, food, phone data (all schools are closed in Indonesia this year due to COVID-19), rent assistance, personal care items, etc. Support packages are delivered monthly, and correct implementation is ensured by close monitoring. They are designed to foster the family’s financial independence.

The sponsorship cost also includes a 20% administration fee which covers:

  • JOS house maintenance cost
  • JOS staff wages

JOS House

Jodie O'Shea House 
Jalan Pulo Moyo - Gang Telkom II
Denpasar Selatan - Bali 80222 

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