Wish List


With 85 children in our care, the house has many needs.

We are funded only by donations from generous visitors and patrons. We accept no support from the Government.
Our everyday costs are for food, health, education, wages, and building maintenance.



Thank you all so much for helping us, our wishlist will be updated Monthly.



As we cater to the needs of 85 children ranging from the age of 7 months to 20 years we are always in need of food on a daily basis.  One of our main priorities is to keep our freezer stocked with meat, chicken, and fish; our fridge stocked with fresh vegetables, milk and fruit and a healthy supply of white and red/brown rice.  A shopping experience can be arranged catering to our visitor’s budget and a list can be given on the day of the visit.



  • Pillow – 35 pcs


BABY /TODDLERS – Thank you dearly we have enough clothing

  • Baby Formula SGM (6 - 12 months) - 10 boxes /600 ml
  • Powdered Milk - Nestle Lactogrow 4
  • Powdered Milk - Nestle Dancow 3+
  • Diapers / Disposable Nappies (brand Mamy Poko size M, L,  for 5 pack each)
  • Baby oil (brand Cussons baby size 60 ml / 10 pcs)
  • Baby shower gel (Brand Cussons baby size 60 ml / 10 pcs)
  • Face Cream for baby (Brand Cussons baby / one size only / 10 pcs)
  • Telon Oil (10 pcs of 60 ml each / any brand)
  • Wet wipes (10 pcs)
  • Cotton Bud (10 packages) 



  • Refillable 125 ml plastic bottles for shampoo (75 pcs)



  • Rinso Laundry Detergent
  • Porstek – cleaning product
  • SOS Floor Cleaner
  • Baygon
  • Disinfectant
  • Extra Large plastic bags for bins
  • Dishwashing Liquid


All can be purchased at Bintang Supermarket, Carrefour or Lotte Mart.



  • 2nd hand or new 4 drawer filing cabinet (2pcs)
  •  office desk



  • Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner - Something that does not require bags (1 pc) -  Can purchase from Ace Hardware
  • Light Bulb Changer Stick - Tongkat pengganti lampu (1 pc) - Can purchase from Ace Hardware or Depo bangunan

Contact Us

*Please can you email or call us   to let us know when you're planning on visiting us, just in case we have something else planned for that day. Thank you!*

Jodie O'Shea House 
Jalan Pulo Moyo - Gang Telkom II
Denpasar Selatan - Bali 80222 

+62 (361) 725-076


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Stephen Moriarty
The Publicity Arm
151 Tennyson Road , Tennyson Point 2111
Gladesville  NSW Australia

Phone: (02) 9817 2366
Mobile: 0418 116 878

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