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Helping disadvantaged Indonesian kids from Bali and beyond

At JOS we are committed to breaking the cycle of poverty for children in Bali and the surrounding islands. Our donors, sponsors and staff are all essential to us achieving this objective, and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts for their support.

We do this by:

  • Supporting children to stay in their family (or extended family) environment by ensuring they have enough food, clothing and access to education. Why?
    • Because we know nutrition is essential for brain development and allows children to concentrate on school.
    • If families can feed their children, children can go to school, rather than helping to keep the family alive.
    • Education can help break the cycle of poverty by providing opportunities beyond subsistence farming.
  • Where children have no family or relatives to care for them, JOS will care for them according to our strict child safeguarding policies until, a) they are able to be fostered, or b) until they are able to live independently.
  • With your help, we also aim to support families and single parents to earn a living wage, by teaching them new skills and working with local governments on village level to address systemic issues.

Whilst, under the previous management, JOS operated as an orphanage in the past, we recognise that, in line with the UN’s announcement on 18 December 2019 of its adoption of the Resolution on the Rights of The Child, international research and best practice tells us this model is not in the best interests of children. We aim to keep, or reunite children with their families or extended families wherever possible, safe and in the best interests of the child.

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Indonesian kids from Bali and surrounding islands

Poverty and disadvantage in Bali and surrounding islands

Whilst we are based in Bali, some of our kids come from islands surrounding Bali where there can be extreme poverty, such as Sumba, one of Indonesia’s poorest islands, and as far afield as Java.

JOS is here to help those children have a better life.

Sadly, many Indonesian parents believe that the only way they can give their children a decent life is to give them to an orphanage. Many from the poor islands surrounding Bali, send their kids to Bali, thinking they will have a better life and receive an education.

COVID has only exacerbated the desperate conditions many families and children are living in, with no tourism and a crippled economy.

You can help change kids’ lives for the better

JOS supporters open up a poor child’s world – to see other possibilities for life, supported in a loving environment and to go to bed without the stomach ache that hunger causes. We think this is one of the most valuable contributions possible to make to humanity.

Donors are much-valued members of our community. They need not worry; JOS is focused on the latest international and Indonesian child protection laws and has implemented strict policies accordingly. JOS supporters can be assured in knowing their assistance is both highly valued and ethically managed.

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