How you can help

Child sponsorship, via a JOS support package, is the most effective and rewarding way to help give children living in poverty a better future. The best way to help a child break the cycle of disadvantage is through adequate and targeted financial support. When a child’s home life is stable, the family around them is then much better able to provide for their long-term wellbeing.

The importance of family environments

Research shows that living in a family environment is the best option for kids wherever possible. Whilst we aim to provide excellent care as a refuge at JOS, it is ultimately in the child's best interests to be in a family or extended family environment wherever possible and safe to do so, provided it is monitored and assessed properly and on an ongoing basis.

In the past - and still today - many disadvantaged parents in Bali felt the only way they could ensure their children had a decent life was to give them to an orphanage. We are committed to working with the child to find the best environment for them.

You can help make this life-changing work possible. When you sponsor a child, you’re joining a community of generous people around the world committed to bringing lasting change to children living in poverty.

We offer these sponsorship opportunities

  1. Full sponsorship for a child in the house, or reunified at home.
    1. Each child has different needs, which are calculated individually for sponsorship. The sponsor contributes the full amount required for a child for one year, which may include:
    2. School fees, school uniforms, books.
    3. Tuition, Extra-Curricular - music, sport, tutoring.
    4. Health insurance.
    5. A 20% levy for JOS operational costs – this includes JOS house maintenance cost, wages of JOS staff

  2. A shared or half sponsorship is also available when a sponsor cannot reach the full yearly payment. A shared sponsor helps ensure each child is fully sponsored.

JOS undertakes an annual financial audit. Inventories are well-maintained and any details regarding JOS payments and expenditures are available upon request.

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