Sponsor a child in Bali, Indonesia There are a lot of mouths to feed, bodies to clothe, health and education to provide - so your support will greatly assist in changing a child’s life. We accept no assistance from the government so we are truly grateful for your help!

We offer the following sponsorship opportunities with a minimum time of 6 months.

  • $600 USD will cover the following expenses for six months:
    • Food
    • Clothes
    • Tuition
  • $1,200 USD will cover the following expenses for one year:
    • Food.
    • Clothes.
    • Tuition.
    • Health.
    • Holiday away from the orphanage.
    • Staff (only the Indonesian staff are paid)
    • Power and maintenance.
  • $2,500 USD will cover university expenses for one year (annual fee and books). University students need your support for 3 years as this is the usual time it takes to complete a course. They need to know that they have sufficient funding to finish as there is little point in doing one or two years. A university student sponsor can pay every year of course, but he has to be commited to the child studies for at least 3 years. 



Sponsors become a very important part of the child’s life as a mentor and a model to follow. They make the child feel really special - so we ask that you make connection as often as you can (at least every 6 months) by email, letter (slow mail) or the social networks.

Most of our sponsors send a card or gift at Christmas and the child’s birthday. This kind of attention makes the child feel special and doesn’t take much time or cost much money. It certainly makes lots of smiles at the house!

We hope that you will encourage the child with school or university studies. We will provide you with school reports and photographs by email, so you can see his or her progress and congratulate him or her.  The sponsor will be able to see what children don't have a sponsor yet and choose which one he'd like to support. To help you on your choice we will tell you what we know about their background and their personality, which will help you to get to know him or her then during the year.


For more information, please contact Lisa

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