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Donation from the UK

Please always use your country currency when making any payment to us.


Please always quote  J887N Care for Kids Bali Development Project 

We can accept donations from the UK using the following link 

Donors will need to create an account with Stewardship UK (with Global Development Group Australia as your recipient), and put your preferred project number in the ‘Reference’ section as you complete your donation.   [TIP: please remember your username, password and PIN]




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*Please can you email or call us   to let us know when you're planning on visiting us, just in case we have something else planned for that day. Thank you!*

Jodie O'Shea House 
Jalan Pulo Moyo - Gang Telkom II
Denpasar Selatan - Bali 80222 

+62 (361) 725-076

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Stephen Moriarty
The Publicity Arm
151 Tennyson Road , Tennyson Point 2111
Gladesville  NSW Australia

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