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 swiro7060 ?‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎
20 October 2018
 cream kokoloteun
18 October 2018
16 October 2018
 Heidi Bolisay
Hello, Coming over to Bali on the 11th to 17th of April, would love to come visit and help out, bring some donations and volunteer while I'm in Bali.
03 March 2018
 Anthea Ellis
Coming over this Monday 26th Feb until 5th March 2018. Wishing to visit at some stage please and bring some donations. Maybe take some kids for a shopping trip to get rice etc.. I will be over with my partner and 4 boys 9-15 yrs. Would love to show our children how others live, we are from Australia. Been given you contact by Lans from Perth who donated a fire extinguisher a year ago. Thanks.
21 February 2018
 leah williams
coming over to Bali in March but only for a week but coming back in june next year for 3 weeks and would love to volunteer my time and donate some money while i am there and wish to help out in any way i can
18 February 2018
 Maeda Ryusei
Hei saya berada di bali 13-23 feb Saya ingin menjadi sukarelawan Bertemu , belajar , bermain dan menyatukan waktu dengan anak anak :) Mungkin mulai besok saya kesana
14 February 2018
 Gene Beason
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12 February 2018
 solen maheo
I will be in Bali during Chinese New Year for 6 days. I would like to volunteer: I can come the morning and stay during the day to help the teachers....or whatever you may need. I am french but fluent in English. Let me know if you allow volunteers for few days
29 January 2018
 Adeleen Ong
Hi there, me and my families with 2 children are coming to bali on 10- 15 March 2018, will like to find out, would we be able to come volunteer and contibute our time with the children... Looking forward to hearing from you
27 January 2018

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