Jodie jodie o’shea newsletter february 2008

After a wonderful Christmas with our children, school is back in full swing and we have been busy finding placements for our new arrivals. We are proud to announce Nutri, Narti, Rince,Nike,

Kasandra, Rian, Nyong,Yunus, Otnil,Andri, Frans, Roni and Risaldo have all started school at the local primary in Canggu. The schools situated closer to the orphanage were all full and even

though there is quite a distance to travel this was our only option. The children are extremely happy and have settled well into their new school.

Otnil, Nyong, Frans, Yunus, Andri, Nutri, Rince, Narti
Nike, Sandra and Rian

Fun for all at Waterbom Park:

The children of year 6 and their teacher Kayti from Sunrise school once again hosted a day out at the Waterbom Park for the children. A fun filled day of laughter for all involved,

we cannot thank Kayti her pupils and their parents enough for so kindly enabling the children to have the opportunity to enjoy this fabulous day out!


Dolphin experience:

All of our children were given the amazing opportunity to experience Dolphin therapy at the Melka Excelsior Hotel in Lovina, Mr Karl generously gave our children free accommodation

and food as well as the Dolphin experience. Martha and Kala organized this for us… thank you all so much

Hotdogs at Canggu Club:

Martha couldn’t help herself ! she just had to invite the children over to the Canggu Club for fun in the pool and hotdogs all round. Thank you Martha, the kids had a great time.

Christmas BBQ at Jodie O’Shea:

What a lovely evening enjoyed by all! Christmas carols, games and presents, many visitors who shared the spirit of Christmas with all of us. We must also say a special thank you

to all the people who made such a special effort in choosing gifts for all of our children. Joan, Ron and Brett - Sybil, Taylor, Jaiden and Mila; Rob, Patou and children -Peter and Robyn;

Shari, Eva, Aaron, Mark, Jill and Diane - Patricia and Claire – and a special thank you to the children and parents of Taman Anak Anak Montessori for their support.

Christmas Eve:

On Christmas eve Santa came to town with Nasi Kuning, a magician, an enormous cake and presents for all! What a joyous event dancing and laughing, all thanks to Pepe, Yuni and Dewi.

Pepe, Yuni and Dewi bring Santa to Jodie O’Shea

These last months have been very busy indeed. We have had lots of visitors and without listing all the your names individually we want to thank you one and all for generous donations and support. It is with sincere thanks to you all that we are able to “ continue to bring light into the lives of our children.”

A very special thank you...

A few months ago whilst visiting some of the families of our children in Sumba Alison discovered that one of the fathers of of two of our children Pak Petrus had broken his wrist after having fallen from a roof top more than 2 months ago and had not received any medical attention at all.Not only was he in terrible pain but he had also lost the use of his left hand. Needless to say Alison could not leave him in this condition and we started the process of finding a solution to help in any way we could. There are some wonderful people on the island of Bali... With the help of our dear friend Rena and Yayasan Putri Bali, Doctor Nyoman Riasa donated his time to perform a 5 hour operation on Pak Petrus’s hand, the operation was a huge success and although there will be many months of rehabilitation the results so far are positive. We cannot thank Dr. Riasa enough for his kindness.

Just last week Alison overheard Risaldo one of our newest arrivals joyously singing his heart out in the bathroom…......

With this happy note we will leave you, until next time…

Lots of love,

Alison, Yanto and Julie
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In 2005 Alison Chester together with the MUM Foundation (Manusia Untuk Masyarakat) started the Jodie O'Shea Orphanage to Save 15 children who suffered from ill treatment at an Orphanage in Bali. Now, two and a half years later, we return to view Alison's commitment to saving other children with the same light.

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