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September 2018 Newsletters

It really has been so long since we sent out a newsletter and we are really sorry.  What can we say except we have all just been so busy, especially the children !

I always worry if I say thank you to anyone that I am forgetting to thank so many people I hope you ALL know how grateful we are for your support and generosity we truly cannot thank you enough.



Sandy Pic 1
Sandy Pic 2




Earlier this year I got an email from Sandy Puc asking if we would like a video to show our work. Sandy and her team were coming to Bali for a well deserved REST but worked tirelessly to help us. On March 20th this year Sandy, Nicolai and Jordan arrived at Jodie O'Shea House and started work. After filming at our home we then went to  John Hardy to see our children at work there, then that night we were off  to Yogya to see our kindergartens and the work we continue to do with the schools. THEN we were off to Sumba to see the wells and meet families of some of our children. We can never EVER thank Sandy Puc', Nicolai Puc', Melanie Towler & Jordan Koroneos enough, for creating this amazing video.  You guys are just the best and we hope to see you again very soon !

To watch the amazing finished product head to





Our children not only enjoy weekly yoga at this amazing place, but Chris also puts on monthly movie nights for the children, as well as food !
We are to Chris so grateful and all his staff who support and enable our children to enjoy yoga as well as having FUN.




It is so very important for our children to enjoy extracurricular activities and without the help of many people this would just not be possible.

Richard Claire & Katie have worked tirelessly to give the children wonderful opportunities & we are so very grateful for this. Gymnastics, Soccer, Basketball, swimming and much more. We truly cannot thank you enough for making all of this possible.

We need to thank  FINNS BEACH CLUB  also for their support.

Tanou the gym instructor, Nicolas for making it all happen, Martin for basketball training each week, Lloyd head soccer coach and Ash.


Activities 1
Activities 2




We are so happy to announce that we are about to prepare for the Jodie O'Shea Dance Club.

Lovely Mandy Jenkins is going to give dance classes not only for OUR children but we will also have children coming from other organisations so they can share in this wonderful group activity.

We are all very excited and so grateful to  Mandy for  making this happen.




For those of you who haven't seen our Facebook Page we want to tell you about this very special family who have all come together for the very first time.

A couple of weeks ago Lara and her husband Steve who live in Canada visited Jodie O'Shea House. Lara was telling me her story about when she was adopted as a baby but was born in Indonesia. I asked Lara if she knew anything about her birth mother but she said all she knew was her name.... this was not the case. Upon looking at her papers we realized that her mother’s ID number was on there as well as the place where her birth mother lived - JAKARTA.Within a matter of hours Sari was on the plane to Jakarta and the following morning headed off to find the village where Lara's birth mother lived and in less than 24 hours Lara's birth mother and many other family members were found.

Just over a week later Lara's mother, two of her siblings, an auntie and uncle arrived in Bali and we were blessed to share in this joyous occasion.

Miracles really do happen at Jodie O'Shea and this was certainly one of them. We look forward to spending more time with Lara and her beautiful family in the future.


Her sister Siti and brother Renda

(Her sister Siti and brother Renda) 

Lara and her birth mother Nuripah

(Lara and her birth mother Nuripah)




We are happy to announce that we have a team over in Lombok and together with the guidance & assistance from All Hands and Hearts we are shortly going to commence building temporary bamboo homes in the Jenggala  ( a district a population of  750 people who are currently living in emergency homes )

Our volunteers are also working alongside World Central Kitchen and to date have delivered over 32,000 meals to people in need.


Care For Kids Bali 6





Your donations and efforts to support our home are always appreciated, and needed. 

Tax deductible donations can be made now thanks to our partnership with Global Development Group:

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Tax deductible receipts for gifts over $2 with a preference for this approved development project will be issued by Global Development Group (ABN 57102400993) for project J887N. Excess funds may be directed to another approved activity. Please note, no non-development (evangelistic, political or welfare) activities are a part of, or funded by, GDG projects. More information:


Thank you to everyone who supports us in so many different ways we are eternally grateful.

If you have any enquiries please email Alison directly at

Lots of love

Alison & Yanto xx

"May we continue to bring light into the lives of our children"



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