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December 2019- February 2020
We apologize for being long overdue in sending this newsletter, we have been busy with new reformed support staff behind the Jodie O’Shea House.
A HUGE thanks to all of Jodie O’Shea donors and supporters, we really appreciate your continued love and generosity. We are extremely grateful.
REUNITED AFTER 5+ Years apart
Soleh (that’s what he called himself) been living with Jodie O’Shea House since June 2019, we found him living on the rubbish dump and was very dirty and confused. Searching for his family with no clue, Soleh didn’t even remember his parents' name or his own name. The only thing he could remember is the village name where he used to live in Lombok.
Using the Police network, the current JOSH manager send Soleh’s photo to the Police headquarter and get the support from Lombok local Police to search for Soleh’s family.
Within 24 hours the Police were able to find Soleh’s family and JOSH received a full complete report of  Soleh’s history that been lost contact with the family for 5+ years. The following 24 hours Soleh’s family arrived at Jodie O’Shea House. It was a heart-warming situation seeing the family reunited with their lost loved ones for 5+ years.
Soleh was taken back immediately by the family to Lombok and live with his family. We are very happy for Soleh!
Brave boy!
“Arya 5 years old was diagnosed with Nephrotic syndrome and hospitalised for almost two weeks and Now thanks to proper medical care, love and support from Papa Marc and Papa Ade, Arya can run and play soccer again happily”

Jodie O’Shea House new family member

“ Meet Baby Maria a happy 3 months old who bring  lots of love and Joy to Jodie O’Shea House”


On-Site and Off-Site activities
At Jodie O’Shea House the children have a balance life between school and sports/arts. Our lucky children have the opportunities to experience all different type of sports and arts. Such as Swimming, Yoga, Gymnastic, Soccer, basketball, Music, Arts and Crafts
A Big THANKS to all of the coaches ,teachers and sponsors who make this happen for  our children.
BBQ night at Jodie O’Shea House
As part of our tradition to keeping the relationship alive with all the alumni, we held a BBQ night and invite all Jodie O’Shea House alumni to share their success tories with younger children. It was a great night with almost all of the children involved in the BBQ process. Happy tummy! 

Soccer Fund Raising Tournament

On 2 December 2019 Jodie O’Shea House Children were challenged for a soccer tournament for fund raiser at FINNS club. This event is initiated by Will and friends. The children are having such a great time!



On 25 December 2019, all of Jodie O’Shea House children having a great day at FINNS Club in Canggu on Christmas day, splashing in a hot day and pampered with gifts and a great meal, what a special day for everyone! HUGE THANKS TO FINNS FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT



On 26 December 2019, the children had an amazing fun day with the circus show from this fabulous twin they’re not only put a big smile on the children’s faces, the staff also LAUGHED and joined in the fun.



28 Dec 2019 HONDA BIG BIKE visited Jodie O’Shea House and presented a casual and fun program  which was GREAT and accepted well by our children. Now all the children at Jodie O’Shea House understand what is bullying and how they must deal with it and be supportive of anyone who is actually being bullied as well as NEVER bullying themselves. We are very grateful to Honda for all their support with this.


Odysseys surf school

On 8 Jan 2020, Jodie O’Shea House children given surfing lesson by Odyssey surf school . 

HUGE THANKS  in giving our children this opportunity


Snake Handling training

We found a snake skin in Jodie O’Shea House premises one morning and Ira  immediately contacted a snake handling trainer for the children. Thank you Bali Snake Patrol - Ron Liley to give our children a hands-on awareness of how to handle a snake if they see one.



On 15 February 2020, Deus X Machina visited Jodie O’Shea House and brought a large amount of food supplies and bring so much joy to our children with FUN Games. Thank you!!



Your donations and efforts to support our home are always appreciated, and needed. Tax deductible donations can be made now thanks to our partnership with Global Development Group:

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Tax deductible receipts for gifts over $2 with a preference for this approved development project will be issued by Global Development Group (ABN 57102400993) for project J887N. Excess funds may be directed to another approved activity. Please note, no non-development (evangelistic, political or welfare) activities are a part of, or funded by, GDG projects. More information:



Thank you to everyone who supports us in so many different ways we are eternally grateful.

If you have any enquiries please email Ira directly at



Lots of love

Jodie O’Shea House Team xxx

May we continue to bring light into the lives of our children"


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