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Introducing our beautiful new children. Meet these gorgeous little peopleā€¦.Dio,  Jasmine,  Angel,  Zacky,  Josua and Jesaya (twins)
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Netting on the pitch

After constant complaints from our neighbours balls damaging roofs we have netting around the FOOTBALL PITCH. We really thought it would be enough putting this on all sides BUT it seems not,  we have to now put it on the top as well !! What to do with so many keen football fans !!
Visit from Puskesmas

The children are all checked over and assessed by this great team to maintain their health and wellbeing. We are very grateful for this service. 
Having fun

The children all enjoy sports so much and having the football and basketball facilities at home means they are always able to play and learn the gift of becoming a team player, sharing and having fun together! It is hard to find a time when someone is not playing sport of some sort around here!
Trip to Pemuteran

Each year we try to give the children a few days holiday in Pemuteran. Five days of swimming, fun, games and no homework gives  a wonderful time for volunteers, staff and most importantly the kids!
Nelcy and Melda started work at DESA SENI

Our lovely Nelcy and Imelda finished school this year and again Desa Seni have been so supportive
We cannot thank Desa Seni enough for their continued support giving our children such a wonderful opportunity.
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We are always completely grateful for your love and support which helps us to give our children a wonderful home life and future.
Development Project J887N with Global Development Group Australia
We are also operating a humanitarian aid and development project in partnership with Global Development Group [GDG] Australia (& USA) at  Jodie O'Shea. Our local charity is registered with the Indonesian Government, and Global Development Group is an NGO approved in Australia for overseas relief and development work. Donations to GDG Project J887N Care for Kids Bali Development Project will support all these project goals.
Jodie O'Shea goals

As many of you know we have many children with both health and development challenges and together with GDG we strive to overcome these through good education, a healthy diet & also providing good medical and dental assistance & occupational therapy and counselling on site.
Another of our activities is to try to help some of the families in Sumba by providing them with wells giving them much needed water and saving them hours of walking to the nearest well.
We also are hoping in the coming months to build a  self-sustainable retail outlet at Jodie O'Shea which will incorporate work experience for the children and provide life skills & vocational training.
Tax deductible donations ($2+) can be made to Global Development Group (ABN 57 102 400 993) with a preference for this project J887N from Australia & the USA.

Aussie Donations: ToJ887 (or via PayPal):
USA Donations: ToJ887N

Please note that no non-development activities are funded by this project, and any excess funding received may support other approved project activities.

If you have any enquiries please email Alison directly at

Lots of love

Alison & Yanto xx
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