COVID-19 Appeal


Give poor Indonesian children in crisis a brighter future 


COVID economic conditions in Indonesia mean more children than ever are in crisis.

It goes without saying that the past year has been difficult. The drop-in visitors to Bali has resulted in a huge drop in support to JOS House – funds for food, school fees, and House running costs are almost depleted.

Our organization is run 100% on donations. We need your help to break the cycle of poverty for children in Bali.

JOS House currently cares for 68 children by providing short-term refuge for children in crisis and supporting underprivileged children to stay with their families by ensuring they have enough food, clothing, and access to education.


For many of the families we serve, JOS House provides a lifeline in times of crisis.

One of our families is Ibu Nia, a single mother of three. Unemployed and desperate, in 2017 she sought refuge for her children Jo and Dina at JOS House.

Jo and Dina wanted to be with their mother, if only for a weekend, however, their mother worked as a cook and didn’t have many days off per month; she usually only managed to see them every month or two. In 2020, under the new management at JOS, we approached her employer to request that she be granted more time off, and finally, she was able to visit her children regularly.

We provided support for Ibu Nia in creating a home environment where she could be reunited with her children. Due to her work commitments and relatively low income, she needed to find a way to care for her three children. We introduced her to skill training options that would enable her to work from home or seek employment with more flexible hours (such as beautician work, catering, or sewing). Through these programs, she now plans to start her own sewing business at home.


After a long transition period at JOS House, including professional counseling, Jo and Dina will finally return home with their mother later this month (June 2021).

Our staff will continue to be in contact with their family and ensure that the children’s needs are being met and supporting Ibu Nia to create the best environment for her children’s wellbeing and happiness by continuing to provide financial assistance and in-kind donations.


The JOS House Reunification Program

Through the JOS House reunification program, 47 children have been reunited with their families. We need your support to make sure that their nutrition and educational needs can continue to be met at home, at least until the age of 18.

The remaining 21 children are in temporary care at JOS House and will be reunited with family when possible. We aim to keep or reunite children with their families or extended families wherever possible, safe, and in the best interests of the child. According to new regulations from the UN convention and Indonesian law, children should only be in institutions for a maximum of 18 months. Children who cannot be reunited with their families or who do not have a family to return to will be fostered or placed in adoption within this time frame.

Our operational costs come to approximately 15,000 AUD/month which covers the needs of all 68 children in our care, including the cost of 100.00 AUD/month for the 47 children who are being cared for in their family homes.


With your support, JOS House would also be able to realize the dream of providing short-term refuge to the increasingly large pool of disadvantaged children in Bali who are in urgent need of refuge.


We depend on your kindness to continue to provide for these children in need. Please consider making a donation today or signing up for a monthly donation of 100.00 AUD to sponsor a child at home.


Thank you so much for being part of these children’s journey


Kind regards,

Sarah Forbes


JOS House

Presiding Patron


JOS House is a registered charitable foundation, with a refuge operational license. Monthly general, financial, and inventory reports are readily available. Please reach out to us if you need any more information.

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