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 Dawn Formisano
Hi, I'm so glad to know that there is an organization like this, here to help children. I'd love to know how I can volunteer while I'm here in Bali until February 7th 2017. Thank you
 Sharon Family Day Care
Merry Christmas from every one at Sharon's Family Day Care ( Perth Australia)
 Lurdes Neves
A trip that I have planned in my mind for a while , but far from the way I have imagined it to be... At the end of the very long narrow road , you find this little gem that it's called home to 87 beautiful children . If I try to put in words on how my day was , there are no words to describe it , I can't thank enough for the opportunity I had in visiting them . Abbi , he showed me the orphanage , told me about the children , what they do for them , and how they raised them , he is an amazing man , with his own story that will touch your heart , and you feel happy that the children have someone like him around them, to boost their confidence and became who they want to be. I spent the day going to the local supermarket with sista and arin, and we did same of their priority shopping , from veges to water to Milo... Never seen children so happy buying ( milo) !! I am sure they will be in my thoughts next I sit siping my own cup at home . At the nursery holding the little ones , or at the music room listening to this amazing little star play for me , to the kitchen where you see them really enjoying every table spoon of meatballs, what an experience , it was , it was a day to remember . This place runs on our help , without any governments help , they make sure every child is safe , is fed , has a place they can call home and an education . Please next you are in Bali do visit them , walk in , give these children a hug , and a bit of your time . It will change their day and most probably the way you see your life . I am leaving part of my heart in Bali I am leaving part of my heart with them , I hope I will came back as I made them that promiss , and I will try the best I can to keep helping them my own way . This little place called home to all this beautiful children , is the Jodie Oshea"s orphanage . _Lurdes Neves Sydney
 Tina McCarthy
Had a lovely afternoon today having a little visit . Daniel had a a good sleep on my lap . Thankyou to you kind souls who look after these precious children . xoxo
We visited the Orphanage March 2016 and really enjoyed our time there. We met with Abisy who showed us around explaining to us the daily life and what the children's daily life structure is from getting up at 5am making their beds doing Morning chores then heading off to school and returning at 2:30pm, then homework further chores and then playtime where the boys go out and play football and the girls play with their dolls. Their age ranges from 3 months old to 18 years of age and there are 97 children there and believe me I have never seen so many happy children smiling and having fun with very little in their lives except for the amazing people who are part of this wonderful Orphanage. It was one of the most humbling experiences we have ever experienced. We also had the pleasure of taking 2 of the boys shopping in their mini bus to the local food warehouse where we brought fresh fruit, bread, milk, and jams, plus we made a cash donation. The boys insisted on doing everything from pushing the trolley to loading it up then loaded up the minivan. Once we got back all the older boys came out took all the goods from the car and packed it all away for us. We also had the pleasure of meeting with Alison who is the founder of the Jody O'Shea Orphanage and she told us the story of how it all began she is such a truly inspirational person and we have now decided that we will visit them as much as possible to help them. The orphanage solely depends on the generosity of the public for donations with no Government funding or assistance at all. If you ever have the opportunity to visit them they will really be very pleased even if it's just to say hello to the children and interact on a social level. Mark & Philip.
We were so honoured to have been able to meet with you all on our recent visit on Tuesday 21st July. We hope our care package is of use to the beautiful children in your care. It's a wonderful idea to have the wish list.. Joseph and Putra were extremely polite and friendly young boys not to mention helpful on the shopping outing... We will definitely spread the word back home of your orphanage and the great work you are all doing.. It was great to see all the children happy and full of life. We will definitely continue to support your organisation in the future and look forward to seeing you all again on our next trip. From my family to yours thank you for allowing us this amazing life experience . We wish you all much love and happiness.. Xxx
 Kourtney Winn
I'd like to share my experience of my first visit to Bali..I was overwhelmed by how happy and hard working the Indonesian people welcoming and everyone with a smile on their face. I met some amazing people who I wish them all the happiness in the future. Whilst I visited I was still quite amazed & a little shocked to see how dangerous the roads are with small children being driven on the back of skooters and sitting on laps or on the front in dangerous busy roads with no helmets and shopping bags or boxes being carried either side Having said that its the way of life for these families to get around if they cannot afford a car it's the only way to get around On my trip whilst my friends where still hungover and drinking by the beach I decided I wanted to visit an orphanage, it's something I always wanted to do, and it was only an hour taxi ride from the hotel..the taxi driver was asking me lots of questions about where i was going and after driving about an hour from the hotel we arrived at this dirt track road where at the end was the most amazing orphanage. What started out as an hour visit turned in to 8 hours while the taxi driver waited outside all day for me and it was really the most amazing experience I have ever had. I actually nearly broke down when i had to leave as the faces where so sad asking me if I can come Visit tomorrow. If you ever come to Bali please make sure you visit Jodie Hope Orphanage you won't regret it...I'm writing this as I sit in the taxi choked up and feel so amazing. I have some amazing pics i would to share with the Kids to remember - and I only hope to visit again
6th april 2015, thankyou for letting us visit today, we had a great day, i really enjoyed playing soccer with boys. the children were beautiful thank you for all that you do, we will be back again for another visit.
 Andrew Maplesden
Nice to visit again on the 21st January 2015, Had a Short visit this time but I was glad to be able to donate food, personal hygiene and clothing items. Impressed with changes to the orphanage since our last visit such as the new artificial Lawn areas and the improvements to the dormitories, Well Done Jodie O Shea Orphanage and your volunteers on your wonderful work for the lovely children.
I visited the Jodie O'Shea Orphanage in September 2014 and have nothing but wonderful things to say about this homely place. All the children were gorgeous and even though they did not speak much English, their touch of a holding hand and a contagious smile said enough to me. I was astonished at the amount of donations and work that people have kindly donated - it was so nice to see how much these kids are cared for. I was very grateful to have had visited this place and contributed a little to their days. Thank-you for having us and I will definitely be back! :)

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