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Amazing visit.

Sat, Aug 09 2014
Who would have ever thought that a visit to an orphanage would emerge as the highlight of a holiday to Bali. Well, it did for us when we went to Jodie O'shea Orphanage in July. Thank you Rio for giving us a tour of this safe and loving haven created for the children of Bali.
- Hanne Benbaruk

Can't wait!

Fri, Jul 25 2014
Ross, my partner and I visited you all in October 2012. We did a big grocery shop and was even asked to stay for dinner! It was an amazing day getting to know all the beautiful kids and I can't wait to visit again in September this year :) Alana + Ross xx
- Alana Lambert

Thank you Rince :-)

Thu, Jul 24 2014
I have never been to Bali but a friend recently visited and spent an afternoon with you. She brought me back a lovely braclet she made with Rince.I just wanted to take the opportunity to say well done! I love it :-)
- Antonella Bonanzinga

Our visit

Thu, Jul 17 2014
Thank you for allowing myself and my friends to visit and spend time with your delightful children. We enjoyed taking them shopping and buying them some special treats. They are lovely grateful and polite children. Hats off to all that volunteer and help to bring pleasure to their lives.
- Kim Ewing

Thank you

Tue, Apr 15 2014
Our visit to Jodie O'Shea's was absolutely amazing. I don't know Jodie but for her parents to open such a great facility in her memory, she must have been a truly remarkable young girl. Thank you for your time & friendliness today. We will spread the word about your place. God Bless you!!
- Michelle Chetty

Thank you for letting us visit

Wed, Mar 05 2014
As a group of 4 Aussie mums on holidays in beautiful bali, it was an awesome experience to be able to visit your home and meet some of the beautiful children who live there. We were so happy to be able to help a little bit and then to be able to go shopping with our two gorgeous shopping buddies was just great, their smiles and beautiful happy faces was just so warming, we can't wait to come back do it again and see what we can do to help out a bit more if we can !! Thanks so much for the opportunity and letting us into your world just a bit Carolyn, Michelle, Kathleen and Chris xxx
- Carolyn kearon

Visit to Supermarket

Fri, Feb 21 2014
Big Thanks to Aries for allowing me to take Ari and Yonatan with me to the supermarket to buy supplies for the orphanage during my visit Monday 17 th Feb 2014. This was my second visit and as always it gave me great pleasure the children were a delight to see them packing the fruit,Yonatan organising the butcher with the chicken portioning , picking the snacks and Ari for finding the Tim Tams ,(I think that is her favourite :) I will be back
- Barry Smith

Looking forward to seeing you again.

Mon, Feb 03 2014
After spending time you with all last August with my daughter and being welcomed by many hugs you asked me if I could promise you that I will come back one day to see you. You made me feel so welcome and I enjoyed meeting you all and I will be back to see you all in April and bringing you another big hamper of surprises to make you smile. See you April, can't wait to see you all. :) Renarta. Xxxx
- Renarta Azzopardi

Big Thank You

Sun, Feb 02 2014
We visited on 5th Jan 2014 We decided to visit and give back a little to the balinese who have given us so much. We handed over our donation of food,toy cars,skipping ropes,frisbys,pencils,sharpners and excercise book an were thanked my the manager who in return took us on a tour of the complex. I was very suprised as I expected it to be a very sad place but it was very happy.Many of the children came up and shock our hand and introduce themselves to us. I have scene the great work done by Alison,Gillian,Eries,Dodik and the staff....Bloody FANTASTIC guys Cant wait to get back in December/January as we will spend a whole day there with every one. Thank you for a great 2 hours it was extreamly special...Love you all xx
- shane cassidy

Our Visit... :)

Fri, Dec 13 2013
We would just like to say a huge thank you to the Jodie O'Shea orphanage for allowing us to visit you during our stay in Bali! We chose to come to Bali to celebrate our completion of our school studies and our visit to the orphanage was definitely one of our most memorable experiences! We were so blessed to meet your children, and see how happy and truly lovely each of them are! Some of the kids have experienced hardships well beyond their years, and meeting them, really touched our hearts. Their huge smiles gave us such an inspiring outlook on life and it was an incredibly uplifting experience, one we will never forget! We will definitely make a return visit and will recommend a visit to all of our travelling friends :) Thank you and best wishes for the holiday season! xxx
- Steph, Katelyn, Izzy and Abbey

A Fantasitic experience.THANKYOU

Fri, Dec 06 2013
Maria, Kate, Kelly and myself, were privileged to visit you all. We couldn't believe how gracious and hospitable all the staff were in having us in your home. The experience of meeting the children was by far the high point of our time in Bali. There smiles and laughter make your heart melt, and gave us such joy. We especially enjoyed the sing along with Kate at the piano, and her teaching the kids a few new songs. We will all be returning to catch up soon. xxxx Thank you again.
- Shara Griffiths, Maria Tyler, Kate Vickers & Kelly Tuckey

Our visit on Nov 9th

Sat, Nov 23 2013
I visited the orphanage again with my 2 friends Dulcie and Wendy. Rincie and Sara took us shopping with a list (which I still have) and we had fun with the girls buying supplies. The children are so well cared for at JOO and seeing the new work being done was awesome. Will be back next year. We had a fabulous day. Thanks Ari and staff
- June Hondris

Thank you

Fri, Nov 22 2013
On Monday the 18th of November, 4 of my friends and I visited the Jodie O'Shea Orphanage. We are truly thankful for the opportunity to meet so many children who all welcomed us with huge smiles! Our visit gave us the opportunity to interact with the children and to gain an insight on what these children have been through in their short lives. We played basketball and soccer and we didn't stand a chance against the boys but we all had lots of fun! Donations are greatly appreciated so we brought along essential toiletries and we will continue donating. We look forward to seeing you all again very soon. Thank you xx
- Carly Miller

Love these Guy's

Fri, Nov 22 2013
This will be my 4th visit in march and ive adopted them all as my new family love them soooo much
- Sean Morgan


Fri, Nov 15 2013
December 2012, myself and my daughter visited JOS, for 12 days we volunteered, spending time with all those angels. 11 months on and we still marvel at that bit of paradise called JOS it changed my life and my daughters too. we will return we make that promise. love to you all.
- Dennis


Fri, Nov 15 2013
Hi Alison - I would just like to sincerely thank you for allowing me (and my husband, niece, nephews and family friends) to visit The Jodie O'Shea Orphanage (17/10/2013) whilst we were holidaying in Bali. I wish to sincerely thank Gillian and Aries for being so hospitable, showing us around and allowing us time to communicate and play with your adorable children. It was a wonderful experience and was very rewarding - a precious memory I will treasure. My heart melted and I didn't want to leave. You all do such a wonderful job with the children and they are extremely lucky to have you all. Once again, I thank you so much for allowing us into your happy house. Jodi xo
- Jodi Quirk

Beautiful children

Mon, Aug 12 2013
I visited the children of the Jodie O' Shae orphanage with my daughter recently and will treasure the special memories of my visit for the rest of my life. It was the most rewarding experience and the children are just so beautiful and friendly. I donated a lovely big hamper of goods and needs for the children and very happy to know that it will all go to good use. A special big thank you to Aries and Dorik for their kindness and support they give these beautiful children and for the personal tour letting us meet the children and spread some happiness into their lives. I will be back and I cannot wait to see you all again in my next vist to Bali. Keep smiling children, you are all so beautiful and talented :) Until we meet again. Renarta & Haley Queensland, Australia.
- Renarta Azzopardi

Love is to Care

Sun, Jun 09 2013
Great to see, good work guys, Steve ... intelligence is not what you know but what you can learn.
- Steve

We will be back

Wed, Jun 05 2013
My husband and I had the priviledge of visiting the orphanage during our holiday to Bali last December. We were overwhelmed by the hospitality we were shown by the staff and the children. Our shopping experience with the children was a lot of fun and it was great to see how excited they were unpacking the food from the car - unfortunatley we bought too much ice cream and the freezer space couldn;t cope so the children had to eat one of the tubs but I am sure they didn;t mind :) We are hoping to return in the near future to visit but will do what we can to help from Australia until then. Love to all of the amazing children and the staff.
- Denise Brown

You saved me a little :)

Sun, May 26 2013
My husband Paul and I went to the orphanage on friday after mondays visit and donation just didnt seem like it was enough... This time we delivered a car load of food... 75kg bananas 52kg watermelon 25kg vedgies.. Beans bok Choi and egg plant 50kg rice Liquid vitamins They were very overwhelmed and grateful! The kids were drooling at the sight of fruit. Felt really good to give! The gift of giving is truely remarkable! Everyone gets something different out of giving... I have to say this visit helped pull me out of the path of a very dark ally I know way too well and could've very easily have been sucked into again... I have a tragic adoption story and after facing something very difficult while away on holidays I really could have easily have slipped into a depression... helping these kids - even just in a small way... saved me this week! Cant wait to visit again in September! Danielle xxx
- Danielle Lidster

You warmed my heart..

Thu, Apr 18 2013
Hi ,awesome work you r doing!!! Today I visited your website. The kids look so happy, what a wonderful place you have. Its my please if I do somethings for these lovely kids. God bless u all.......... With Regards, Manish
- Manish Kumar

Jodie Oshea Orphanage Legends

Thu, Mar 07 2013
OMG im coming in 4 months time i came in feb and spent most my stay in bali with you guys and looooooved every minute came home and got sick and rebooked to come straight back and now im going to be living with you guys for 3 weeks!!! cant wait love you guys sooo much xxxxx keep smiling and see you soon :)
- Sean Morgan

Nothing but Pride

Wed, Feb 20 2013
I spent my childhood growing up with Jodie.There was always one thing about her you couldnt help but love and that was her smile. To see the smiles on these childrens faces allows us (her friends)to not only cope with the loss,but to see her smile through those children at the orphanage. May the children receive the love they deserve and those no longer with us smile upon you all.
- An Old Friend.

Life changing experience

Sun, Jan 27 2013
I have been working as a volunteer in thei beautiful place for the last three weeks and I have to say that I was slightly nervous as to how I might feel. Now my time is over I have been touched by the love and warmth at the Jodie O'Shea orphanage, it is truely a family, full of laughter and support. I have learned so much and see the beautiful side of us humans. On average we have 4 groups of visitors a day bringing things for the children, playing football, singing songs, organising art classes. Great people helping the orphanage and of course the wonderful staff who run this great home, lots of love and kindness, not to mention the founders Alsion and Yonek, amazing inspiring selfless people. The Jodie O'Shea orphanage experience will change you, for the better.
- Amanda Mortimer

good job

Wed, Jan 16 2013
- Agus Putrawan